Daily Shoot Pictures – Week One


(Ok so I’m still learning how to format this blog… lol.. )

daily photo




2010/01/01 • #ds47 The new year represents opportunity. Make a photo of a scene looking out a window.


2010/01/02#ds48  Yellow is an attention-getting color. Make a photograph that is dominated by yellow today.





2010/01/03#ds49 Sunday challenge! Pick a focal length, any focal length, and stick with it the entire day.




2010/01/04#ds50 The frame of a photograph is rectilinear. Fill that frame with a circular subject today and make a photograph.





2010/01/05#ds51 Reflections draw the eye. Find a pool, puddle, or other body of still water and make a photo of a reflected subject today.





2010/01/06#ds52 We typically use light to illuminate a subject. Turn it around today and make a photo of a light source of any kind.





  2010/01/07#ds53 It’s winter time here in the northern hemisphere. Make a photo with snow, frost, or ice as the theme today.


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